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VIL India Recycled Water Is A Must

Waste Water Reuse -VIL IndiaThere has to be a necessity for pushing forward innovative solutions, especially when you take into account the ecological cost and direct investments required for any augmentation of surface water reservoirs. A thought clearly mirrored by Arun Lakhani, chairman and managing director, Vishvaraj Infrastructure Ltd.

Many states have to face water scarcity issues due to the uneven distribution of water resources. The urban and domestic consumption of water has the largest scale of inefficiencies. Plus when you consider Non Revenue Water (NRW) in urban towns is more than 50% and going as high as 70-75%, it is troubling.

The urban domestic water consumption also brings out sewage of 40,000 million liters per day (MLD), which is 80% of the total water consumed. The current wastewater treatment capacity can handle only 30 percent of the total generation, out of which only 55% is operational, translating to an investment gap of over USD 7 Billion for class I and class II cities by 2016-17.

It is the responsibility of the Urban Local body (ULB) – Municipality to treat it but with the budget constraints of ULB, it automatically goes down the priority list.

VIL India  provides global solutions that contribute to sustainable development in the water sector through innovation in the design, construction and operation of drinking water treatment plants, distribution system reforms, etc. The Company has executed or in execution projects worth approximately Rs 27,500 million across the three sectors primarily through PPP contracting and few through EPC route.