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WHO Content With Nagpur 24 x 7

After taking a closer look at Nagpur’s water project conducted by Vishvaraj Infrastructure Limited’s (VIL), The World Health Organisation (WHO), has been quite content. The project aims to bring continuous water supply and better quality of water in the city

Working with French company, Veolia Water, VIL has set up a 50:50 joint venture SPV company called    ‘Orange City Water Ltd‘. Its objective is to provide 24 x 7 water supply to 100% population including hutment-dwellers in five years. The cost for this project is $ 95 million.

WHO Happy With Vishvaraj Infrastructure’s Nagpur 24 X 7

Nagpur-24X7-Case-Study-On-WHOWorking on a project which is massive in scope and vision can be a painstaking task. But when it is for a good cause, then it all works out for the better. And Vishvaraj Infrastructure Limited’s (VIL) s Nagpur 24 X 7 project where its main objective is to pass continuous water has been given two thumps for its water quality by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Nagpur, the largest industry city in Maharashtra, after Mumbai and Pune, is a city of nearly 2.5 million citizens. The city gets 540 million litres of water per day distributed through 2,100 km of pipeline with about 80% coverage. Through Orange City Water Ltd, a 50:50 joint venture SPV company, between Vishvaraj Environment Pvt. Ltd and Veolia Water of France, the city’s water supply system is being upgraded to 24/7 supply and water security is being improved.

The Water Quality Partnership for Health programme – a partnership between the Australian government and WHO – has been promoting Water Safety Plans (WSPs) in India. A water quality specialist from Australia visited Nagpur on behalf of WHO. The specialist was extremely pleased with its progress and saw encouraging signs.

VIL India provides global solutions that contribute to sustainable development in the water sector through innovation in the design, construction and operation of drinking water treatment plants, distribution system reforms, etc.