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Vishvaraj Infrastructure Ltd Supports Badminton Players

We are a nation of over a billion people. Yet, when it comes to sports, the most we can talk about is cricket. It is pertinent there is a private player hand to promote various sports, like the Indian Football League. Vishvaraj Infrastructure Ltd (VIL) has understood the importance of having a strong contingent of sportsmen in this country and diversity of having various sportsman playing different sports.

In a move to create more avenues for sportsman to grow and make their life a tad bit easier, VIL has decided to sponsor the talented city duo of Arundhati Pantawane and Rasika Raje, badminton players, on a long-term basis. The company is committed to bear the expenses of travelling, lodging and boarding arrangements of both Arundhati and Rasika whenever they play national and international tournaments.