Arun Lakhani And Vishvaraj Infrastructure Ltd Leading Company In Water Industry

Vishvaraj Infrastructure Ltd

Vishvaraj Infrastructure Ltd (VIL) is one of the leading companies in the water industry. VIL is focused on providing 24×7 Water Supply to every household in India. They started out with the Orange City water project in Nagpur popularly known as Nagpur 24×7 water supply. To create Sustainable, efficient & Accountable – environmental services and infrastructure, with People Participation

India has vast requirement of Infrastructure building and improvement. The PPP route was established in last decade also saw some lean time. With New government initiative the PPP has again come with better risk sharing matrix between private and public. VIL India has been a proponent of PPP model, and has established track record in Road and highways sector. With Urban Infrastructure foray in Water, it is today the only Indian Utility with ongoing projects in Water distribution as well as Waste water treatment and Reuse.

Mr. Arun Lakhani the Chairman & Managing Director of Vishvaraj Infrastructure Limited (VIL) says one of our biggest challenges of high – density urbanization is the generation of huge of waste water. According to the estimates of Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) about 80% of water supplied for domestic use is discharged as waste water which enters untreated into the downstream water bodies polluting them. A mammoth 38,000 MLD of wastewater is generated by Class I & Class II towns and this is expected to grow 3 – 5 times to 133,000 MLD by 2050.

Vishvaraj Infra has an amazing success story to showcase. The Orange City Water or the Nagpur 24×7 Water Supply Project. Nagpur the 3rd largest city & winter capital of Maharashtra state, Nagpur is India’s loath largest city with a population of over 2.5 million people. It became the first city of its size in the country to outsource its water supply to a private operator under the PPP model for 25 years. The Private entity to bring in 3o% of the investment of the estimated project cost, 70% to be the Public entity’s contribution under MN URM + l00% escalation. The project to be operative for 25 years of O&M inclusive of 5 years of capital rehabilitation. The project covers management of the entire water cycle from production, treatment (657 MLD), transport (2100 Kms of network), storage and delivery to the last point of usage i.e. the customers tap. This involves replacement of more than 3,00,00 house service connections, rehabilitation of treatment facilities, service reservoirs and pipeline.

VIL’s key competitive advantage springs from the consistent innovations, which question the status quo. In addition to harnessing innovative technologies accessed globally VIL’s core strength is its unique ability to design innovative structuring of Public Private Partnership projects themselves.

Water, Waste Water Treatment & Sewage Treatment is just one are VIL India is involved with.  Vishvaraj Infrastructure  has also set their foot in the Transport sector. The projects undertaken by VIL are as follows: Warora – chandrapur – Ballarpur Project, Chandwad – Manmad – Nandgaon Project, Malegaon – Manmad – Kopergaon Project & Fekri and VAPI over bridge Projects.


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